Mental Illness or Health?

I’m on twitter a lot these days and I don’t get it mental means a broken mind and we all know what Health and illness means . My question is why is mental illness means a broken mind then the logical answer is why don’t we fix it or am I wrong in this . People say people can’t change i say that’s shit and there lying . If you want better for yourself you will change and you’ll find ways to become better as a person. Then you’ll have those people who say this info says this and this doctor says that.

Do people even realize that these are just opinions and most times doctors get paid off to say something how do you think there organizations get lots of money . I believe every mind can be changed ether through your environments or your health or overall lifestyle. It’s also who you hangout with there’s an old saying you are who you hangout with . It’s also your choice to have those people in your life . As a Christian I have over come huge things in my life as a Christian we are born to overcome this world why because we are in gods kingdom, we are not of this world when people argue with me about god and what he’s done in my life . They are actually arguing with god the father who created the world and every single star and planet and every universe .

My wisdom and my intelligence comes from my father so it’s kinda sad people don’t know him or know who he is . They like to live in there safe world and develop a relationship with Jesus . They live by the worlds way . Which means by bodily flesh and there World is shaped around money or untrue opinions without facts it sound enological while that’s how people.

Then you have these people who stand up for mental health but yet have mental health problems of there own. Then when the truth is presented to them they run or block you and at that point even more questions come about them . This is world is so broken and lost and stupid . It makes me wonder how do people even live without Jesus in there all there life . Jesus will ask did you know me . I’d rather give up my own life to live forever with my father . People who live in fear in there don’t really have Jesus in there life at all. We are made to conquer and dominate this world so then why are so many not doing that . Mental health is a money grab do you really Bell needs more money it’s a public show they really don’t care . When you start questioning then you’ll get answers. People will not like you but so what they hated Jesus and he died for all of us . Who’s side are you on Jesus or the world you have 2 choices but here’s the kicker Jesus will always give free will . He’s always a gentleman and very loving father.

What does it matter when you die and you have tons of money so what . It will all go away it will turn to ether rust or mold. When you don’t know Jesus your mind is blurred and lost and you don’t see what’s actually around you.

I believe mental illness is a spiritual thing many of you don’t know these people have demons in them and that’s what I mean when I say spiritual. Many people will say I’m wrong or I’m crazy it’s because they don’t know the actual truth and don’t want to understand.


What is Love ? 

What is love is it a feeling or is it an emotion or is it something bigger. I believe love is giving to others without asking for nothing in return. If that’s true then why we do hold things against people over kind gestures is it because you deserve a reward for helping if so then that’s selfish. 

Love is kind and generous and giving upon one self kinda like Volunteering but your Volunteering for god. Who will raise there hand and say god pick me I’ll do it. All we Ever these days are fires and hurricanes and shootings. Here’s what we don’t hear or see that’s a baby getting born someone defeating there addiction. People overcoming overwhelming odds. 

God brings us the good news everyday and it’s the living word gods not everyone he alive and he’s all around us he’s here just like the air you breath . People say that god doesn’t exist but that’s where your wrong he loves you so much that he gave himself through his son for us and all your sins everyone of them. That’s like your parent going to jail for your crime even though your parent is fully innocent and them saying they did it.  

Would you go to jail for a crime your child did and yet you didn’t do anything wrong. My guest is you wouldn’t but God did for his children that’s his love and the best part is this love never goes away. Why do we resist gods love is it because we think we don’t deserve it or is it because it’s too much . Maybe it’s both god is with us always and the cool part is that you can talk to him anytime through prayer . 

He hears your cries your laughs and he knows all your fears but he wants you to talk to him anytime. He’s a loving god and to some people there only father .  

Rules or Rebellion? 

We were always taught to go when the light is green and we were to taught to always follow the rules. Once if the rules were lies and made to harm yourself or someone else . If you go against rules your a rule breaker your a trouble maker and everyone wants to stay away from you. Why is this just because you decide to do something different what’s wrong with that once if I don’t want to go that way why can’t I go my own way. 

Many people call it going against the grain people get made when you speak up and call people on there shit why is this is it because we can’t be held accountable for our actions. If you speak up your automatically an enemy to everyone it just shows people want to stay safe and not stand for truth . Truth will always be true that will never change . I’m a kinda person who goes against the grain and i go my own direction. Some people think there in charge are they really is it because they hold a title they think the king shit now . Most people who are this way don’t have respect for anyone and probably was a brownnoser just get there job . Are there any real people out there anymore or do we live in a world of fakes and frauds, ask yourself that and look around not even our food is real anymore. 

We get taught we have dress a certain way or talk a certain way because that’s society’s norm right . I ask why can’t I be myself not there way . Have you ever noticed the way people speak or think people have no logic in this world anymore . Whatever happened to take a girl to great cup of coffee and a movie or is it now Netflix and pizza now. Or I am wrong . Are you a rule follower or a rebel ? 

My Ultimate Dream and My Only Dream. 

Hey guys my name is Mike I’ve worked jobs from dishwashing to cook to prep cook . These are just jobs to pay the bills it’s not my dream . I had family working in the radio business I was once on public radio but didn’t get paid for it but now I have massive brand called music and motivation. My former station dropped the ball big time when they had me . I had guests on a 3 month waiting list for the show. 

Within 6 months I was nominated for best radio host and people’s favourite show . I’ve interviewed millionaires and YouTube stars and guests from Nashville to New York and Los Angeles and the UK. 

My only dream is too be on the radio it’s my love if you work at radio station please put my name into your programmers hand . I’ve interviewed over 100 guests in 6 months. I’ve interviewed icons from winnipeg like Brian Barkley and my friend broose from UMFM beer for breakfast. 

Please make my dream come true thank You 

There is No Past and No Future but ever lasting Present What ?

Many people believe there is a past in there life and there going to have a future , but what is time really what is it . It’s something man made to create for us to understand time and distance but the energy in the earth.  People say to me are you crazy mike there has to be a future I say no . I say we are in the ever lasting present time hasn’t stopped it hasn’t moved forward or back. 

You may ask what about my childhood didn’t that happen the answer is yes it did , but did the ever lasting present Stop I say no it didn’t. 

This is why people say live for the moment because that’s all we have why do you think we have pictures and videos and memories those are memories. Many people don’t understand this concept of time matter it’s like a ruler that your on and you keep moving and the ruler only ends when you die. 

I would love to hear your questions and come follow me on Instagram maverick20456. 

Who thinks Life is Fair ?

Hey Guys I know it’s been awhile but I’m back lots have happened since my last blog I still believe in standing your ground and always being truthful as much as you can . Don’t let anyone under pay you for your work or your time . Always remember someone writes you contract you go over it a few times . My advice is too always get as much as knowledge as possible so your smarter and wiser then everyone. 

I apologized to my station because it was the right thing to do yes I got hurt it but at the end of the day we all want a successful station. People may say to me Mike aren’t you going against your morals actually I’m not that hasn’t changed but I wanted to sleep at the end of the day knowing I did right . True leaders apologize and accept it and grow and become better as a person . I’m not a follower I’m a leader . I believe in family and being a righteous man and being a honorable man .

When I feel things are off or don’t make sense I start to ask questions and wonder why and the journalist in me wakes up and the more questions I ask the more I know . Weak people will like a holes for there defence because they know they can’t do anything and there wrong . It amazes me how many people don’t question things business is business and it’s not personal but a lot can’t even separate the two that’s what amazes me . Leaders don’t make excuses they have problems and then the good ones will find answers that works for everyone . 

The Real Story behind CKUW Winnipeg 

They take advantage of people and it’s run by immature people who have no idea how to make a station better . They like to call themselves a volunteered run organization which is a lie they like to charge every volunteer $20 even through they to do things for Free.  They also have a GM who has been there 17 years who knows nothing and can’t get a job anywhere else . All there bylaws are 20 years old they like to take people’s money for example they took the publics money of $63,000 this year . There equipment is 20 years old they have rats in the station no lies they have rats running around . They like to take chairs from the garbage and use them . I left because I want my New Show to be raw and unfiltered and truthful. They don’t even teach there hosts interview skills. 

I don’t like to play by the rules I love to be in charge I know what works . Everytime you tune into there station it’s not professional at all. It’s all a amateur radio station. They believe giving a person a 3 hour blues show is acceptable I feel it’s boring . Here’s some FYI there morning show they read off of scripts because they can’t memorize the basic news info. 

I call it CK U What there station is a joke Everyone and everyone needs to know this . They ignore you call that right then they bully me and they think that’s okay too . Then they expect me to apologize I say Hell No not ever going to happen. 

There promotions team sucks it’s by guy who knows nothing about marketing or catching people’s hears. Don’t support them or there station . I called them a A-hole and they complained like little kids this is how petheic the station is and they wonder why people don’t take them seriously. Plus when it comes there so called awards it’s all a popularity contest not on merit. 

My show will Raw and Real and unfiltered with stars from everywhere including YouTube. 

Standing up for the Truth and taking the hit for it and being alone .

I stand up for truth and honesty and respect it seems like people like to think that there behaviour is okay because they have been doing it for so long . Just because you’ve done the same old behaviour doesn’t make it okay or right maybe the behaviour is totally wrong . 

I just fought for 2 weeks against a huge giant I fought for truth and for people who are getting taking advantage. This organization has bullying going on and they don’t take people’s actual credit to heart. So I figured if they wouldn’t change then I’ll go somewhere else and amd create my own network without them. I don’t take no for an answer and I don’t stop on getting my dream. I just decided since they didn’t know what they had with me. I’ll teach you them that they were wrong in everyway . 

I also decided to have the best shows on the network from sports to live local stars and all around the world . I believe the world is yours so take it . If people stop you then leave them and go where you’ll voice we will get heard. If people give me what I deserve then I just take it and take it over and make it 10 times better and bigger . 

Make your voice heard never hide behind bylaws or excesss or people who can’t see the truth. Stand up when no one else will I might alone in this fight but at least I can sleep at night . I believe in more choices and more talent and to give the people a voice especially those who don’t have one. I don’t hide behind bylaws or ignoreness by people especially for those who don’t or wouldn’t call you. No business runs like that only the ones that suck and really have no respect for there people or what they have.  I did more in 6 months then anyone did in 7 years at my old station. I left because it was a lack of respect plus I decided they weren’t taking my money anymore . 

My network called music and motivation network will be more fun and will have better shows plus we will have advertisers as well. If your a company I would love to have you as a sponsor. 

The Truth about Ckuw Radio Winnipeg 

They like to suspend without reason I speak the truth they charge every volunteer $20 every year. They don’t take concerns seriously they think ignoring people for 2 weeks is okay and they think there policy’s are okay . They try to force you to do things there way. Rob for example has been there 17 years can’t get a job anyone where else there policy’s are out of date . There is bullying happening at the station yet Rob does nothing about all there awards are rigged it’s a popularity contest it’s not off real merit and this is why the uwsa runs it all they are bunch of kids the uwsa is a joke and always will be . It’s like the popular kids in one place always voting for each other . Ckuw is the same way so the UW admin needs to get to involved because real businesses don’t like them . My policy is to speak truth and stand up for injustice and make sure people hear me sometimes I have to shout and become stone cold style raise hell and not care . Ckuw will not even admit it’s wrong to take Volunteers money they also never apologize for anything. This is why I might be leaving the bull shit on at ckuw don’t support them I have the most liked show on the network and they treat me like trash. 

Mo Monday’s What ? It’s just Mo Crap and Mo Lies 

Don’t listen to these people there slogan is a lie they expect you to pay for 2 hours of crap . Don’t support these guys it’s a waste of money and your time . It’s the most dumbest concept ever it’s just a group of people cheering on each other . It’s sad in my mind if you want real info go to Ted Talks the best speakers speak there these are professors and people who know there stuff . 

We don’t need mo crap in this world do your research people they never have any good info it’s all bunch of crap. You may say Mike your jealous and that’s further from the truth . Why would I be jealous of something that I’m already better at then them . 

They expect you to pay for coming for the first time even before you see the stupid thing . The thing is a joke and is useless whoever speaks there likes to be the bottom of the barrel. Ted Talks is the biggest and best why you think Ted Talks has about 7 million subs on YouTube. 

It’d because everyone knows Ted Talks is the best . I also don’t see business supporting this thing because they know it’s crap and can be copied so easily. Say No to Mo Monday’s it’s bad enough that the founder can’t even have a normal conversation she can’t even what I’m saying to her which proves I’m right . Her slogan is a lie and a sales pitch which is a lie . 

People say to me mike why don’t you be more diplomatic and more sensitive I say screw that bull crap tell it how it is bluntly . Why sugar coat it . I even tried offering her some of my network and she said no which showed me she’s pretty dumb and not willing to learn or to work with . From a business point of view I couldn’t have said I’m out fast enough referring to dragons den. 

If something doesn’t seem right then stand up and start asking questions.