Dreams Come True  

It’s been many years of networking and meeting many people , from many festivals and concerts and emails and personal contact. I’m now living my dream I get to finally book any band I want and collaborate with other shows at my radio station. 

I’m not to afraid to ask to interview someone on my show . You just gotta go for it and not worry about it and never ever stop for anything. If you want something bad enough you keep going for it . Never settle for no and never settle for later get it now. You want that dream then take it and own it and make it yours . Who said you had to do what everyone else does. 

Be creative come up with great ideas and keep going . If people have made fun of you before then work harder , longer and better and you’ll see results in your life. I waited 15 years to do this . Make an impact so big that people have to take notice and they remember you. Also they’ll realize your not going away anytime soon . 

The world is your community ether make it better and create a positive impact. If someone ever says to you it’s impossible then reply back by saying if I think it I’ll make it possible. 

Remember to stay humble though always remember what got you to the dance . You’ll see changes in your life and you’ll feel like your on top and you’ll feel like you made it . Never settle for that because in away . You really haven’t made it. Keep making goals and don’t stop until you get them and stay focused . 

The world is yours so go for it and always ask and be polite at all times and when something doesn’t go your way. Then change your plan but keep aiming on that thing you want . Successful people never give up and continue to going for everything. 

Your dreams will come true and you’ll say wow after all that hard I did it , and you’ll say yes i did but I’m not done there is plenty of work still that needs to be done. 

Go Get Your Dream 

Can I Talk to You for A Second ( A Must Read ) 

Are you like me and whenever you hear this thing said to you , you think it’s a negative thing or is it just me ?  Then I thought it might be a good thing but we do most of us spin it into a negative. 

I think it’s because people have used for too negative things and now people think it’s a bad thing. Have you ever wondered before they let someone go before firing them . They always make it all dramatic and slow like they don’t want to hurt you . Even though they are anyway. Or they’ll say things like oh it’s just not working out code for we don’t like because your speaking up and going against the rules . It’s funny people get mad when you start to speak up and say your rules are crap and I’m doing things my way and the way that works . 

I have never been really a rule following person I like to make my own rules and go my own drum beat . I demand excellence and kindness out of people. I don’t like when people say you gotta do this . If I think the rules for some place is dumb I’ll say there dumb and out of date and not worth following. We have these people who like to run these organizations like there kids and there not professionals. 

People say to me Mike you can’t like that and you can’t say that well I just did now what ? Everyone needs to use there voice and get loud epecially if the system is out of touch with what’s going on . 

You got a second to talk nope you got a second to listen to me for a change let’s switch on them . Don’t be afraid to speak up you’ll take heat but so what who cares stick to your guns and what you believe if they don’t get it that’s there problem . 


People say to people all the time how do you get those interviews. My answer is that I just ask I expect a No but most of the time it’s a Yes . For my show I do all my bookings and production and writing and logging in and scheduling everything all without a team . 

Here’s the thing I love what I do and I work hard for what I want I also don’t give up quickly and find solutions for things. I spend $200 on marketing but I’ve made 10 fold of that of artists coming to me and for them waiting to come on the show . 

Don’t stop dreaming I’m living my dream now I’m more busier then ever I’m not even a staff at my station but I love what I do . People say you should at least get paid for it . I know I will and I also know that people will eventually take notice and want me on there team. 

It starts with a ask don’t wait for people to come to you go to them . This is not the 90’s where people send there cd to there favourite DJ or station . I go to the artist and ask . People say to me your a go getter I say your right and I don’t stop . People may say how do you do it I say through Jesus . 

Don’t give up on your dreams now I’m giving people opportunities that they deserve because people have gave my breaks so now it’s time to pay to forward and always to be kind and humble. 

Clean and Peace 

You may ask why do feel clean and peace and what does have to with anything. Here’s the thing I’d rather be clean spiritually and physically . The opposite of clean is dirty and the opposite of peace is hate . We must become clean and start become at more peace with ourselves. 

We look and hear the voices of hate all around us . We can make a choice and be apart of it or stand against it . When we are clean we feel refreshed and renewed does that someone you know you, you should his name is God .

God loves you and I he loves through all your sins and through everything you do. God loves so much that he gave his own life for you and continues to love you . Don’t we all want peace and joy and to be clean . The world is dirty and unclean but Gods love is pure and loving and never ending . 

Show peace with your neighbour and your family and your friends and you’ll see changes that you would never think is there. Loving kindness towards people is easy but sometimes forgiveness can be the tough part . 

They say God is not real okay let’s say he’s not then explain all the unexplained to me then . By true logic he does exist how can things grow where things shouldn’t be growing explain that . God can make everything New according to his will not ours . His thoughts and his way are not our ways . 

Stay humble my friends always remember where you came from and what you been through . Also be thankful there is time for Everything and everyone when your ready God will take you there. 

It took me many years to get me to where I am now a lot of hard work no days off no pay I do what I do because I love it. People ask me you should get paid for it , My answer is your right I should but no one can match what I’m worth that’s the problem. I want to produce new shows in the future with great hosts . I always want excellence out of what I do and grow the station so much that people stop and look and whatever your doing we want to follow you and bring it to our station. 

In my last blog I talked about making history or being history well it’s time to go big and think big . The bigger the risk the bigger reward Donald trump said that. 

Thank you everyone for your support please go to ckuw schedule and look under music and motivation and like the show . 

Make History or Be History 

I’ve always gone by this thinking and it’s changed my life . I can’t remember for the life of me where I heard it . I see people going by the same old rules and same old things me I like to change things up and create an impact . Same will embrace it some will fear it . Ether way I go for it the higher the risk the higher reward. 

Successful people fail way more then normal people because they don’t give up but they always keep going and they keep going when people say it wouldn’t work. I may not have a so called radio voice people say I don’t care about what I do have is huge a following and I’m doing what I love so who cares.  

I believe you should such a huge impact in your workplace or environment that people never wanna you to go and they tell you , you’ll be so missed now that’s impact. I don’t give up on what I want and I don’t wait for people to come to me I go to them. 

In the radio industry it’s old school for artists to send there music to dj’s well I’m switching that and asking them and reaching out to them. Music is changing and so should radio . My show is going Double Live as of Valentine’s Day on air and Facebook or Twitter Live. This is what I mean by changing the game . 

How says it has to stay the same old way I’d rather be the first to do it and then see others follow. I make history then people will say do you know what that show on that station is doing its different and New maybe we should check it out . Which means this concept means more contests more live interaction with the listeners and viewers. 

I just did an interview with the 90’s family band The Wilkinsons. Someone said to me I regonize that voice aren’t you the guy who interviewed them. My answer yes am I my reply thank you so much for your support. Those kinds of things keep me going and keep me motivated. 

People can say whatever they want but I know what I want and I’m going to get it . I’ve got the hottest show on Ckuw 95.9 winnipeg right now . Thank you for all support please keep supporting me by liking my blogs and all my social media forums . 

Deliverance Does it Work ? The answer is Yes ( Real Truth )

Hey skeptics out there I know what your thinking that can’t be true it’s impossible that can’t be done and if so how then ? I am right you just asked yourself that or you may have asked yourself why am I even reading this but I can’t stop now I’ve already started reading. Well I’m glad your still here for many years now I had the sprit of anger in me and yes it’s Real . Real as the sun Everyone I held this sprit in me for too many years. 

Let’s say over 10 years it destroyed friendships and relationships and people. Here’s thing that might blow your mind God still loved me through it all and when I cried and begged for to let me see the light . This is the light and it will shine bright . 

All Glory goes to God and through Jesus I’m am now a different person I don’t remember even hurting anyone or what I did. All I remember doing was , was lying stealing destroying. 

That’s what the devil does to You people Wake up he comes to destroy and take things away from you. We must stand tall as brothers and sister and put on the armour and Fight . Why you ask because it’s your soul that’s on line . Here’s the thing you Choose who you want to follow and who want stand behind . 

God is Real People and he’s living and you don’t even realize it why don’t you Stop and praise him for once not yourself. Imagine a person who forgave for every sin you will ever do at anytime. Then realize that everytime you walk away from him he misses you and he missesspending time with his son and daughter. 

It doesn’t who you are where you are where you live how much money you have or how many friends you have. Gods Love for You will never change. Who’s first in your life let me guess it’s your job or wife or kids or your business. God is First in my life before anything or anybody. 

The question is who’s first in your life ? Who’s always there for you when you have no one else but him then what will You deny him again or accept his love for you. 

Welcome to Busy Life be careful what you ask for 

It took me over 20 years to finally discover what I love doing and doing well. I love fundraisering and being on the radio. They say radio is hard I love it and look forward to it every time I’m on air. People say you gotta do prep I don’t I believe study a few days before and relax and have fun. 

I’ve waited 20 years for this I can go to shows and see my friends and go discover new ones. I never stop marketing and I never stop networking. The goal is too never take a day off the more you work the more comes to you. 

Pkus now I’m into sponsoring now and I’m also finally having the best time of my life also I wasn’t going take no as answer . I believe if you wanna something bad enough you’ll go get it and not wait for anyone to give it too you. 

People think all these will come to me they wouldn’t you gotta go get them and building your network. I would love to get paid for being on the radio but the truth is I don’t and our studio is still kinda old school. In the age of podcast and live streaming and downloading we gotta keep up and not be history be apart of what everyone else is doing. 

My show is called music and motivation on CKUW every Tuesday at 3pm. I believe we need create bridges and new partnerships so everyone can grow and become bigger and better. My life is music and movies and beer now and eating healthier. I’m still not taken yet I believe I’m a diamond but woman don’t realize it and that’s too bad. 

Last year I wanted to become a public speaker but now I can do my public speaking every week and I control the theme and I’m myself and I can what needs to be said and talk about the issues everyone is talking about. Never stop dreaming and never give up on yourself or for anyone. 

People will say the negative but you gotta look past that and keep on going and never stop . Why shouldn’t you dance and have fun and celebrate everyday. Do what makes you happy who knows that might just inspire someone else . 

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