The Truth about Ckuw Radio Winnipeg 

They like to suspend without reason I speak the truth they charge every volunteer $20 every year. They don’t take concerns seriously they think ignoring people for 2 weeks is okay and they think there policy’s are okay . They try to force you to do things there way. Rob for example has been there 17 years can’t get a job anyone where else there policy’s are out of date . There is bullying happening at the station yet Rob does nothing about all there awards are rigged it’s a popularity contest it’s not off real merit and this is why the uwsa runs it all they are bunch of kids the uwsa is a joke and always will be . It’s like the popular kids in one place always voting for each other . Ckuw is the same way so the UW admin needs to get to involved because real businesses don’t like them . My policy is to speak truth and stand up for injustice and make sure people hear me sometimes I have to shout and become stone cold style raise hell and not care . Ckuw will not even admit it’s wrong to take Volunteers money they also never apologize for anything. This is why I might be leaving the bull shit on at ckuw don’t support them I have the most liked show on the network and they treat me like trash. 

Mo Monday’s What ? It’s just Mo Crap and Mo Lies 

Don’t listen to these people there slogan is a lie they expect you to pay for 2 hours of crap . Don’t support these guys it’s a waste of money and your time . It’s the most dumbest concept ever it’s just a group of people cheering on each other . It’s sad in my mind if you want real info go to Ted Talks the best speakers speak there these are professors and people who know there stuff . 

We don’t need mo crap in this world do your research people they never have any good info it’s all bunch of crap. You may say Mike your jealous and that’s further from the truth . Why would I be jealous of something that I’m already better at then them . 

They expect you to pay for coming for the first time even before you see the stupid thing . The thing is a joke and is useless whoever speaks there likes to be the bottom of the barrel. Ted Talks is the biggest and best why you think Ted Talks has about 7 million subs on YouTube. 

It’d because everyone knows Ted Talks is the best . I also don’t see business supporting this thing because they know it’s crap and can be copied so easily. Say No to Mo Monday’s it’s bad enough that the founder can’t even have a normal conversation she can’t even what I’m saying to her which proves I’m right . Her slogan is a lie and a sales pitch which is a lie . 

People say to me mike why don’t you be more diplomatic and more sensitive I say screw that bull crap tell it how it is bluntly . Why sugar coat it . I even tried offering her some of my network and she said no which showed me she’s pretty dumb and not willing to learn or to work with . From a business point of view I couldn’t have said I’m out fast enough referring to dragons den. 

If something doesn’t seem right then stand up and start asking questions. 

Expecting a No Getting a Yes Instead Now What ? 

Here’s what I mean everyone we get rejected all the time From a woman and from a man . Even in sales you are taught to expect a no . Here’s my question once if you got more yes’s then no’s. it’s easy to expect the no but when someone gives you that answer yes it means you gotta actually work for it. 

Accepting a no is easy and everyone gets it but not everyone can take on the responsibility of a yes. In business Your taught numbers and the language of business just like Wall Street. What most don’t do is just ask and go for it . The more you fail the more you learn . Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be afraid to be different. 

Who says you gotta do what everyone is doing they may be doing it all wrong . A leadership champion will never give up on his or her dream. Don’t ever stop growing if someone says you can’t do it then prove them wrong . People will be jealous at you but expect it it’s ether because they can’t do it or they don’t want to put the work in. 

This is world is full of people and money so don’t wait go for it. Create a wave where put will just wanna be around you because of who you are . Break the walls down for the people aren’t doing anything. 

Also be careful what you put your name on such as Mo Monday’s worst idea ever it’s like a down graded version of Ted Talks . They expect people to pay for there crap there slogan is a lie as well. It’s a bunch of adults who like to hangout out and pretend to help each other . It’s so Fake don’t trust them for anything. Mo Monday’s means take your money on Monday’s to give them mo .  

True leaders will know when it’s an opportunity and when it’s just an invite . When something is too good to be true then it is. Do your own research look into things from multiple sources. If people will not accept change then they will never be true leaders in this world. 

Also do things that are out of your comfort zone it will make you grow and you’ll become so much as a better as a person. Don’t ask for permission just do it also don’t wait for anyone else just do it who cares what people think . When people around you make them respect you by the work your doing that there not . 

My Success how did you do it ? 

My success has come down to a few things one it’s full commitment and never taking a day off and always being humble. Who want to make an impact then the key is never giving up and never stop asking if someone says that’s impossible then prove to them that’s it’s possible. Just because someone else couldn’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t . 

Never take a day off if you want something bad enough then you have to go for it and not stop for anything or anybody. The world is yours go grab it then once it’s yours make it your own. Don’t ever give up on creative control always think of New ideas and create new ones.

Don’t be afraid to ask be polite and kind and don’t ever give up on your dreams . People will be jealous at you but that’s there problem . Don’t never settle at one goal reach higher and bigger . If you want something bad enough you’ll find ways to get there also use your resources . So create many resources network all over the place . Create relationships and friendships with people. 

People may say to you your working too hard , just say back your right but I know what my hard work will turn into and I’m not giving up until it happens . There is no limit but the only that holds people back from there success is them. 

Make history and become the first to do it and show people i did it and so can you. My show is booked full for 5 months now plus I’m doing 5 pre recorded shows a week. All on my own and all Free it would be nice to be getting paid for it but at the moment I don’t . 

My dream is that someone will read this and offer me a huge radio deal from anywhere around Canada. 

Never Give Up and Never Quit For Nothing 

People say to me all the time how are you doing all this first thing I say is God . Then I the second thing I say is that I never give up and I become very persistent and kindful manner . You want something in this world then go get it and don’t ever stop . Create something that is so great that not even anyone can say no . 

Do things with excitement and drive and keep on going if someone doesn’t think you can do it then prove them wrong and keep proving them wrong . You only live once so you mise as well live to the fullest and have fun doing it.  People will always say stuff about you and that’s when you say this is what I have. 

Create yourself so people can’t say no to you but they say when and where and make them feel like there the most important person to you. Create bonds and relationships with people . Just because someone has done it there way for years doesn’t mean it’s the only to do it . 

Everyone has there own personal of way of doing things . My show is the hottest on the network which creates all kinds of ideas but they also know i don’t give up nor do I give in for anything. I will listen to people’s ideas doesn’t mean I’ll actually do them. When you make an impact and it’s positive make it big . 

I don’t take a day off i love my show so much that if I want professional and bigger stations to take notice then you gotta make yourself the best free agent out there so when you do bigger things ,  You’ll already have a big presence.

Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be afraid to go for something that someone thinks that’s out of your reach. Just because they believe that lie doesn’t mean you have to. Nothing is out of reach if you just take charge and say I’m grabbing it and nothing will stop you. 

Never quit and keep going even when you don’t feel like it keep going . If your in school or having a rough time don’t give up stand strong . To all parents don’t give up on your kids if you haven’t found a job yet don’t give up.

Sometimes you make a living doing what your doing like writing poetry or even serving . Do what you love and show people how great you are at it. 

Dreams Come True  

It’s been many years of networking and meeting many people , from many festivals and concerts and emails and personal contact. I’m now living my dream I get to finally book any band I want and collaborate with other shows at my radio station. 

I’m not to afraid to ask to interview someone on my show . You just gotta go for it and not worry about it and never ever stop for anything. If you want something bad enough you keep going for it . Never settle for no and never settle for later get it now. You want that dream then take it and own it and make it yours . Who said you had to do what everyone else does. 

Be creative come up with great ideas and keep going . If people have made fun of you before then work harder , longer and better and you’ll see results in your life. I waited 15 years to do this . Make an impact so big that people have to take notice and they remember you. Also they’ll realize your not going away anytime soon . 

The world is your community ether make it better and create a positive impact. If someone ever says to you it’s impossible then reply back by saying if I think it I’ll make it possible. 

Remember to stay humble though always remember what got you to the dance . You’ll see changes in your life and you’ll feel like your on top and you’ll feel like you made it . Never settle for that because in away . You really haven’t made it. Keep making goals and don’t stop until you get them and stay focused . 

The world is yours so go for it and always ask and be polite at all times and when something doesn’t go your way. Then change your plan but keep aiming on that thing you want . Successful people never give up and continue to going for everything. 

Your dreams will come true and you’ll say wow after all that hard I did it , and you’ll say yes i did but I’m not done there is plenty of work still that needs to be done. 

Go Get Your Dream 

Can I Talk to You for A Second ( A Must Read ) 

Are you like me and whenever you hear this thing said to you , you think it’s a negative thing or is it just me ?  Then I thought it might be a good thing but we do most of us spin it into a negative. 

I think it’s because people have used for too negative things and now people think it’s a bad thing. Have you ever wondered before they let someone go before firing them . They always make it all dramatic and slow like they don’t want to hurt you . Even though they are anyway. Or they’ll say things like oh it’s just not working out code for we don’t like because your speaking up and going against the rules . It’s funny people get mad when you start to speak up and say your rules are crap and I’m doing things my way and the way that works . 

I have never been really a rule following person I like to make my own rules and go my own drum beat . I demand excellence and kindness out of people. I don’t like when people say you gotta do this . If I think the rules for some place is dumb I’ll say there dumb and out of date and not worth following. We have these people who like to run these organizations like there kids and there not professionals. 

People say to me Mike you can’t like that and you can’t say that well I just did now what ? Everyone needs to use there voice and get loud epecially if the system is out of touch with what’s going on . 

You got a second to talk nope you got a second to listen to me for a change let’s switch on them . Don’t be afraid to speak up you’ll take heat but so what who cares stick to your guns and what you believe if they don’t get it that’s there problem .